Why Chile should be in your bucket list

Chile is a beautiful country in South America, where I’m sure you will fall in love with its landscape, food, and people. There are only a few places in the world that make you feel like Chile does, and I 100% recommend that you plan a trip down there. I’m from Chile, so if don’t just trust me, here I have a cool fact: it was chosen the #1 adventure destination in 2018.

Ok, here are the reasons Chile should in your bucket list:

1. You can hike a glacier

It has to be one of the most amazing experiences I had at the Torres del Paine national park last year. I had the chance of hiking the Grey Glacier, a beautiful part of the southern icefield, right along the W circuit. The ice hike gave me a new perspective, connected me to nature like nothing else and made me feel small in the best way possible. I’ll never forget it.

Hiking Grey Glacier with Bigfoot Patagonia | Chile | South America | Ice Hike
Hiking Grey Glacier with Bigfoot Patagonia

Read my post about the hike, it’s linked here.

Torres del Paine is at the top 3 of places I’ve ever been to, it’s insane. If you are ever hiking the W or the O, you must make a stop at the Grey Glacier. Bigfoot Patagonia offers kayaking and ice hike excursions. Next time I want to try the kayaking!

2. Actually, you can hike/ski/sandboard/surf/kayak whatever

Chile’s landscapes are incredibly diverse. You can hike a volcano, walk around the “mars valley” at the Atacama desert, see geysers, visit the Easter Island (yes it’s Chilean!), hike incredible mountains, surf some of the best waves in the world, ski a quick drive away from Santiago and so so much more. You will find desert, forests, glaciers, snowed mountains, and incredible beaches. Need I say more?

Base of the towers - Torres del Paine | Chile, south america  | hiking | Patagonia | Travel guide
Base of the towers – Torres del Paine

3.You can float in a salt lagoon

What if I told that you could swim in the middle of the desert? I visited the Baltinache hidden lagoons that are located in the middle of the Atacama desert, about 2 hours from San Pedro. They are sooo pretty and so fun! And because the salt levels are so high, you can float without even trying.

Hidden lagoons of Baltinache - Atacama Desert | Chile travel | floating salt lagoon
Hidden lagoons of Baltinache – Atacama Desert

4. You can see the milky way

When I visited the Atacama desert, my friend and I did an astronomy tour. The tour guides were so knowledgable and the whole experience was magical. I think I teared up a few times (it was dark, so nobody saw LOL). You get to see some constellations and even galaxies with the naked eye. They also have telescopes to see other things up close.

There are many places throughout the country where you are able to see clear skies at night, because the light pollution is low.

You need to go.

5. You can feel like you are in mars

Chile has amazing landscapes like we were just talking about glacier above but there’s also the complete opposite: desert. The Atacama desert is an amazing place to visit, see incredible things, learn about the planet and relax.

I fell in love with the hidden lagoons, the moon valley, getting up close to the Licancabur volcano and the feeling of the geysers.

Moon Valley - Atacama Desert | Chile | Bucket list | Hiking | Tours
Moon Valley – Atacama Desert

6. The people

I can’t possibly write a post about Chile without mentioning the people. I know that because I’m Chilean, this is probably (definitely) biased BUT, trust me. Last time I was there, I had a friend pick me up from the airport, let me stay at her apartment and ordered us food! (thank you Cony and Felipe). An Airbnb host arranged an excursion for us and took care of our luggage while we hiked for days. I had people invite me to their houses to have tea (typical afternoon meal: tea, toast, pastries). I just love Chile, and you should visit.

Violeta Parra Museum - Santiago, Chile | South America Bucket List
Violeta Parra Museum – Santiago, Chile

If Chile is not in your bucket list, you need to add it ASAP. It’s so unique and there’s just so much to see!!

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