What to eat in Orlando (vegan-friendly)

Orlando Food Guide (including vegan options) part 1

If you know me personally, oh you know how much I *adore* food. Someone once asked me if Orlando had a good “vegan scene”, at the moment I was like “yeah sure!” but I never really thought it through. Orlando has amazing vegan and non-vegan restaurants that can we can all enjoy. If I ever moved somewhere else, these are the places I’d miss the most:

A quick note: I am vegan, so I will be recommending and listing the vegan options. I choose to not support animal products so listing those options here would go against that. You can check their menus to see other options, but I encourage you to try the veggie alternative. Hope you enjoy!

Best fully vegan: Ethos Vegan Kitchen

A classic. Ethos is such a good restaurant for everyone to enjoy, the menu is fully vegan but it has all the meals everyone loves: lasagna, pasta, burgers, salads, everything! Oh, their brunch is THE BEST in Orlando (my favorite are the pancakes and scrambled tofu). It’s located in Winter Park.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen: Chocolate pancakes (front), the Skillet (back), Sausage Rolls (right side)

My ideal date night dinner: Thai House

Thai food has been going up and up on my list of favorite cuisines. Thai House always serves the tastiest and most perfect Pad Thai (ask for Tofu and no egg). The vegetable and tofu soup is insane, as well as the Crispy tofu which they serve with peanut sauce. I’m drooling right now. Always call before you go as they schedule tends to vary.

Thai House: Tofu pad thai without egg
Thai House: Tofu and vegetable soup (front) and Crispy Tofu.

Casual dinner: Viet Nomz

More Asian food, are we really surprised? Vietnomz has the best veggie pho ever. I get it with double crispy tofu on the side. I go there every week! My boyfriend prefers the rice bowls with crispy tofu and vegan sauce (also ask for no egg if that’s your vibe). All my friends love this place, it’s just so simple and good!

Viet Nomz: Vegetarian pho with crispy tofu (lower side), Vegan crispy tofu rice bowl (upper side), vegan tofu summer rolls (left upper side)

Best coffee break: Foxtail

I recently found that Foxtail Coffee offers oat milk and now I’m OBSESSED. I don’t even drink coffee that often but when I do, I know Foxtail is a short drive away. (they have many locations in the Orlando area!). They also sell vegan sweets: banana bread (my fave), pumpkin bread, donuts, cookies… if you need a nice place to study or work- their place is cute!

When you have a sweet tooth: Valhalla

If I ever have a sweet craving, I know Valhalla will have something that I’ll like. It is a fully vegan bakery. Cookies, brownies, brookies (yes), cupcakes, cakes…check their Instagram for seasonal specials too. The thumbprint cookie. The key lime pie. Wow.

I have so many more favorites. I’ll make the second part of this list soon. Do you have any favorites do you think I should try? Let me know in the comments or by sending me a DM on Instagram (@amapoland).

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