Things to do in Orlando (that aren’t Disney)

Here are some of my favorite spots in Orlando Area that aren’t touristy.

We all love Disney and all, of course. But there’s so much more magic in Orlando (ha get it?). When I have friends come to Orlando I always try to show them some spots other than Disney/Universal that aren’t packed with tourists but that are still fun and unique.

Here they are my favorite non-Disney spots in Orlando:

Winter Park

This is technically not Orlando, it’s Winter Park. But this little city is super cute and worth visiting if you have a free afternoon. There are boat tours you can go through the lakes, there’s Park Ave which has many restaurants and local shops. My friends usually love this spot because it has a small city vibe, where you can park and just walk everywhere and it’s super cute! Grab brunch at Ethos Vegan Kitchen or Proper and Wild, and walk around Park Ave.

winter park sunset
Sunset views in Winter Park

Lake Eola

This is located in the downtown area, and you will find lots of restaurants around too. But on Sundays, there is a big Farmers Market there where you can grab a quick bite, ice cream or coconut and go for a walk around the lake! There’s also some swan boats you can rent and get an even better view of the buildings around. I love hanging out there, especially during spring or fall.

lake eola downtown orlando
Lake Eola

Orlando Museum of Art and Orlando Science center

These places are especially good if it’s too hot outside and you need an A/C activity. I got you. Both the museum of art and the science center are across from each other and are fun to go every once in a while! The science center is a place made for a family with kids, but I enjoy going with my boyfriend too.

orlando science center
Orlando Science Center

Space Coast

Technically not Orlando anymore… but drive a little east (40-60 mins) from Orlando and you’ll find the Space Coast. I honestly love the beaches there. Cocoa beach and Playa Linda are my favorites. Keep an eye on the rocket launch schedule, as you might get lucky and see one! The Kennedy Space Center is worth visiting if you love all things space and Mars-related – they even have a rocket launch simulator.

playa linda, orlando ,florida
Playa Linda, FL

Pick your own fruit and flower fields

I follow all of these local farmers on Instagram and Facebook so I know when their stuff is ready to be picked. There are strawberry, blueberries and even a sunflower field! I want to go there so bad. Here I will link a few I know.

A patch of Blue (blueberry and strawberry picking)

Sledd’s U pick farm (sunflower field and other veggies)

strawberry picking orlando florida
Strawberry picking!

Those are all the spots I have to share today – I hope you liked them. Let me know if you plan on going to any of these and/or if you have any questions, DM me on Instagram!


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