The best Capri day trip from Positano

Capri Day Trip from Positano - Travel Guide

Ahh Italy, how do I even begin to describe it? It’s gorgeous and relaxing and the whole time I could not believe I was there.

We booked a day trip from Positano to Capri and we loved it so much. It was one of our favorite parts of the whole trip. Here are all the details in case you want to jump on the same boat ;).

Booking the boat trip

We booked this one in advanced through this website. They have a ton of tours available (at different budgets!) by different local companies so if you are searching, make sure you filter with the correct “start from..”. You don’t want to book one that leaves from Sorrento if you are in Positano (and vice-versa).

We booked the Shared Gozzo Day trip to Capri. It costs us 90 euros per person and it was the perfect day trip to get a taste of Capri and its surroundings.

What a day trip to Capri looks like

We met at 9 am in the Positano Marina, right by the main beach. We checked in at the little stand with the company name we go in the confirmation e-mail.

We started our journey on a nice boat with about 12 people total including the captain. We enjoyed the Positano views from the boat, this is a must if you are going to the Amalfi coast.

A relaxing trip on our way to Capri from Positano | Travel guide
A relaxing trip on our way to Capri

Throughout the whole day, we got glimpses of small villages and remote houses on cliff sides, we couldn’t believe the beauty of this area of Italy.

We stopped at a few grottos during the day. The color of the sea was the bluest we’ve ever seen. We did not visit the blue grotto as the wait time was too long, and we preferred to enjoy Capri a bit longer.

They let us jump off the boat and swim! One of my favorite moments of the whole trip. It was so special.

swimming was our favorite!

We reached Capri at around 12 pm and we had until 4 pm to explore the island on our own. We were dropped off at the main marina, and we bought a ticket and took the funicular 🚠 up to the main center of Capri.

When we reached the main centre of Capri, after getting off the funicular
When we reached the main center of Capri, after getting off the funicular

We picked up lunch in the main square and did some shopping along the beautiful stores (make sure you go into the designer stores because they have exclusive Capri items).

Shopping in Capri

One of the must-see places is the Garden of Augustus. Here you will find the best views of Capri, with the iconic view of the Faraglioni (the rock formations in the sea).

Views from the Garden of Augustus. Look at this!
Views from the Garden of Augustus. Look at this!

We gave ourselves about half an hour to go to back down on the funicular and walk back to the boat.

The boat ride back was just as pretty, and we stopped again for a swim. We even had time to catch some sleep.

And then we reached Positano, where we took a few pics before reaching the marina.

Because of the boat traffic, we got to take a bunch of pics close to Positano!
Because of the boat traffic, we got to take a bunch of pics close to Positano!

Check out this video of my day:

Ah, how amazing does it look? I highly recommend this tour if you want to experience the Amalfi coast like it’s supposed to, from the sea. You will love it!

If you are going to Positano, check out my travel guide. Also, follow me on Instagram as I’m always posting new pics and stories over there. Thank you for reading!

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