St Pete, FL guide (what to do, eat and best beaches)

Your full guide of what to do, where to eat and best beaches near St Petersburg, Florida.

We had such a good time during our Memorial Day weekend. We actually took this weekend trip to celebrate 3 years together with my boyfriend! If you’re looking for a cute, fun, beachy long weekend trip in Florida: St Petersburg is the way to go.

I was looking for places to go and I asked on my Instagram what were some nice beaches you recommended: I got St Pete, Sanibel Island, New Smyrna, Miami beach, etc.

After looking at hotels and Airbnb, checking out the food options and other activities: St Petersburg looked like the best option. I love Sanibel Island, it’s gorgeous and the island vibe is unreal, but all the hotels were going for about $300 a night. Miami Beach has high prices too and I didn’t want to deal with the Miami traffic LOL.

We found a cute Airbnb near downtown St Petersburg. This was about a 5-minute drive from all restaurants and museums. And 15-minute drive from the beach. The best part: only $100 per night.

Airbnb: Get $40 OFF your first booking

We stayed at an adorable tiny house in downtown St Pete. We would totally recommend it if you are looking for a quiet and super comfortable stay. The space was clean and had everything we needed (including beach umbrellas, chairs, basic toiletries, etc.). Here’s the link to the host.

Tip: I always check the driving times using Google Maps- for example, I calculate how far is the beach from the Airbnb- that way you know if the hotel you choose is located close to where you want to go!

What to do in St Pete

Salvador Dali Museum

This museum was recommended by many friends and my family through the past couple of months. This museum has the biggest collection of Dali art and the museum’s architecture is super cool too. We loved hearing a bit of the free tours they do because we learned that his iconic style only represents some years of his entire life’s career work. Also.. did you know Dali got kicked out of art school? Anyways, all the pieces are super interesting and I loved seeing the details up close. It’s worth visiting!

Dali Museum tip: they offer discounts to students, military, educators and children.

Salvador Dali Museum

Chill at Pass-a-Grille beach

The Airbnb host had some recommendations written on the door for us and one of them was this beach. They described Pass-a-Grille beach as “relaxing” so we went to check it out. It is beautiful! It is by a more residential area, which makes it less busy than the main St Pete beach (still lots of people come). I recommend heading there early, say 8 am, to be able to catch a good parking spot and get some time at the beach without so many people. The water was crystal clear and the perfect temperature. Ugh, I miss it already.

Pass a Grille beach was my favorite

Watch the sunset from St Pete beach

Although you can watch the beach from Pass a Grille too, we went to St Pete beach at night to change it up. We watched the sunset from here both nights we were there and it was so nice. We drove to grab some snacks on the way to catch the 8:15 pm sunset. The sunsets are gorgeous there!

st pete florida sunset
no filter: St Pete sunset

Scroll downtown St Pete

We enjoyed all the artwork around Central Ave. St Pete feels like a mix between Wynwood (in Miami) and Island life. There’s a lot of murals and art around downtown, it’s fun to walk around and see the locals shops and walls. There’s this big book store as well with hundreds of thousands of books- it was fun visiting and finding interesting reads.

Downtown St Pete

Eat your way around St Pete

There is a really good food culture over there, many local restaurants with different styles (veggie, raw, cafes, etc.). We enjoyed checking out new spots and coming back to old favorites. See where we ate below:

Where to eat in St Pete

Cider Press Cafe

We came twice because it has such a good menu and inviting vibe. You’ll love Cider Press cafe no matter if you’re veggie or not. They have healthy options, raw plates, burgers and they also offer brunch on weekends. the staff is super friendly. We came here twice!

Cider Press Cafe (Falafel burger and a special GucciGang Burger)
Cider Press Cafe brunch options: Elvis waffles, and brunch burger

Love food central

This one is another vegan classic in St Pete. Oh, it’s also gluten free! Love Food Central has lots of sandwich and … options. I tried the love burger (black bean and beet patty) and Mo had the Buffalo Tempeh sandwich. This is a good spot to grab lunch, and we also stopped before going to see the sunset for some brownies and cookies. Delishhh.

Love Food Central: Buffalo Tempeh sandwich and Love Burger

Golden Dinosaur Vegan Deli

This is such an interesting place. It’s a vegan deli and butcher. We came pretty late as they were closing, so I didn’t get to see much, but we ordered a build your own grilled cheese for me and Mo had a tenderoni sandwich. *I didn’t get any photos there because we went so late, sorry!

Valhalla Bakery

This is a classic in Orlando. In fact, I mentioned it on my Orlando Vegan Food guide, and we had no idea they had opened in St Pete. It’s inside Baum Avenue Market which looked like a really hip area to eat and hang out at. We only stopped to get some snacks this time.

Lemon Poppy Seed scone on the go!

Hope you liked this guide of St Pete. Let me know if you will be planning a trip there! If you have any questions, leave a comment or DM me on Instagram (@amapoland)

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