How to spend 2 days in NYC

Spending 2 days in New York City

My very very sweet boyfriend surprised me with a quick trip to NYC for my birthday last year. He literally told me the night before our flight that we were leaving.

I mostly don’t fall in love with cities, because it’s usually the same stuff. I do enjoy some (hi Amsterdam, Copenhagen…). But New York City is a city that I really enjoy going back to. I love the vibe, the fast pace, the sense of community. I like its museums and the stores that you can’t find anywhere else.

This is what we did in New York City:

1. Brooklyn bridge

I went to NYC before and I didn’t visit this so I really wanted to see it this time. We took a subway down to a station right next to the bridge. The bridge is impressive and from it, you have a pretty nice view of the Manhattan skyline. We took lots of photos and enjoyed the views.

2. Shopped and ate in SOHO

I knew from my previous visit that SOHO is one of those spots with fun and trendy shops and restaurants. We mostly stayed during this area for the first day. I loved visiting the Glossier showroom, I highly recommend it if you like makeup and skincare. I also got a super cute pair of leggings from the Outdoor Voices store and I’m still planning on getting a Matt & Natt tote. We had lunch at ByChloe and dinner at Ramen Hood.

3. Central Park

On the second day, we visited Central Park. Since we went in October, the leaves were starting to change. Everything looked so dreamy and beautiful! We walked around and enjoyed this so much. We ate at the ByChloe by the Rockefeller for breakfast, and then had lunch at Beyond Sushi which had amazing vegan rolls and dumplings! Central Park is a must, it’s such a magical place.


A few blocks away from Central Park is the Museum of Modern Art. This one is such a gem. You can find very famous pieces there (Van Gogh’s Starry night, some Frida Khalos, Dali..). But the whole museum is impressive and big, we spent a couple of hours there. The MOMA offers student discounts.

And just like that, we were taking the train to the airport. Always be early.

What are your favorite spots in NYC? Share below!

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